OB Patient Mini Soap

[textarea default="XX year old female Gravida X Para X at X weeks X days."]
LMP:  [date]
Tobacco Use:  [select value="no|yes"]
[textarea default="Vital Signs Within Normal Limits.
GENERAL: Well Developed and Well Nourished Female, Alert and oriented x 3, in no distress."]
[textarea default="1)Continue prenatal vitamins. 2)Reviewed birthing plan. Education provided about signs and symptoms of labor and when to report to labor and delivery if there is expected labor.3)Reviewed healthy lifestyle issues including weight loss, diet, and exercise.4)Reviewed safety issues including wearing seatbelts, avoiding talking/texting while driving and gun safety in the house."]

Tobacco Use:


Result - Copy and paste this output:

Sandbox Metrics: Structured Data Index 0.4, 5 form elements, 7 boilerplate words, 3 text areas, 1 dates, 1 drop downs, 5 total clicks
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