Asthma History

[checkbox memo="Version A" name="A" value=""][conditional field="A" condition="(A).is('')"][textarea cols=80 rows=5 default="Symptoms include ***wheezing/daytime cough/nighttime cough/cough with exercise/shortness of breath/chest tightness***
*** nights per month
*** days per month
Triggers ***colds/irritants/allergies/exercise/weather changes***
In the last year:  *** ER/UCC visit(s), *** hospitalization(s), *** oral steroid course(s), *** missed school day(s), *** missed parent work day(s)
Barriers to taking medications:   ***side effects/refusal/social concerns***
Inhaler use:   lasts approximately ***weeks***, ***does/does not*** use a spacer
Peak flow meter:  range is ***
Associated symptoms:  ***iitchy, red eyes/stuffy nose/sneezing/chronic sore throat/post-nasal drip/eczema/GE reflux***
Associated symptoms are ***under/not under** good control.
Exposures include ***smoke/pets/irritants/allergens***
Previous testing and evaluations include ***pulmonary function tests/subspecialist visit(s)/allergy testing***"][/conditional][checkbox memo="Version B" name="B" value=""][conditional field="B" condition="(B).is('')"]Asthma since age [text]
The patient has experienced the following symptoms: [text default="coughing/wheezing/shortness of breath/chest tightness/sputum production/URI like symptoms/night time wakening/heartburn/sinusitis/no symptoms related to asthma"]
The pattern of symptoms are [text default="perennial/seasonal/continual/episodic/nocturnal/exertional"]
The onset of the symptoms started [text].
[textarea default="Symptoms daily/worsening/with exertion/only at night/has been present daily/has continued to become worse/is present only on exertion/is present only at night/*** days of the past week/month"]
Triggering agents and past year's events: [text default="URI/mold/mite/cockroach/animal dander/pollen/smoke/perfume/chemicals/exercise"]
Exacerbating factors: [text default="occupational exposure/emotional changes/drugs/foods/changes in weather/endocrine changes"]
Home environment
The home is heated by [select value="forced air heat|wood burning stove|steam heat|electric heat"]
The bedroom [select value="has been made dust free|has not been made dust free"]
The family is made up of [select value="smokers|nonsmokers|at least one smoker"]
The family has [select value="a dog|a cat|a pet that may cause asthma to be worse|no animals"] in the [select value="home|sleeping area"]
There have been [text] hospitalizations, [text] ER visits, and about [text] outpatient visits during the past year.  The patient has required [select value="no intubation|intubation"] in the past.
Current Management
Peak flow meter [select value="is used correctly|is used, but needs to have more education|is not used"]
Spacer [select value="is used correctly|is used, but needs to have more education|is not used"]
Personal best peak flow was [text]
Asthma Action Plan [select value="is needed|is used correctly|is used, but needs to have more education|is not used"][textarea cols=80 rows=5 default=""][/conditional]
Version A Version B

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