O’Brien Criteria for Attaining PAP Super-User Status

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PAP Super-User Checklist
[checklist name="Q1" value="30-day adherence - 100 percent nightly use=1|Use more than 4 hours - 100 percent nightly=1|Nightly duration of use - Total sleep time with PAP, 7 to 9 hours per night=1|Leak less than or equal to 5 percent (or more than or equal to 15 minutes) per night=1|Target AHI - Minimum AHI less than 5 per hour but as close to 0 as possible=1"]
Score --> [calc value="score1=(Q1)" memo="score"] out of 5 items
Interpretation --> [calc value="score2=(Q1);score2>4?'Patient has achieved Super User status!':'Patient has not yet achieved Super User status.'" memo="are they a Super User?"]
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[link url="http://www.fedprac-digital.com/federalpractitioner/march_2016/?pg=7" memo="#1"] O'Brien, DT, Knowles, S, Candelario, DM, Robinson, MR, Chowdhuri, S. How To Make Your Patient With Sleep Apnea a Super User of Positive Airway Pressure Therapy. Federal Practitioner. 2016 Mar: 14-22. [/conditional]
PAP Super-User Checklist

Score --> scorescore1=(Q1) out of 5 items
Interpretation --> are they a Super User?score2=(Q1);score2>4?'Patient has achieved Super User status!':'Patient has not yet achieved Super User status.'
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