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[checkbox value="|___A___|abscess|acute diastolic congestive heart failure (CHF)|acute kidney history (AKI)|acute midline back pain with sciatica|acute midline back pain without sciatica|acute subdural hematoma|alcohol abuse|alcohol use disorder|amphetamine abuse|anasarca|aneurysm (intracranial)|anemia|anemia due to blood loss|anemia due to chronic stage 4 renal failure|anti-phospholipid syndrome (APS)|anxiety|aortic valve stenosis|arthritis (osteoarthritis)|ascites due to cirrhosis|asthma|atrial fibrillation|avascular necrosis of the ***|avascular necrosis in bilateral hips|avascular necrosis of right humerus|avascular necrosis of left humerus|___B___|bacterial vaginosis (BV)|benzodiazepine abuse|___C___|cardiomyopathy|carotid stenosis (left)|carotid stenosis (right)|carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)|cataracts|cataracts secondary to diabetes|cervical disk disorder|cervical radiculopathy|chronic abdominal pain|chronic anemia|chronic back pain|chronic cough|chronic cough secondary to ACE inhibitor|chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)|chronic insomnia|chronic kidney disease (CKD), stage III, secondary to hypertension|chronic kidney disease (CKD), stage IV, secondary to hypertension|chronic kidney disease (CKD), stage III, secondary to type II diabetes|chronic kidney disease (CKD), stage IV, secondary to type II diabetes|chronic kidney disease (CKD), stage III, secondary to type I diabetes|chronic kidney disease (CKD), stage IV, secondary to type I diabetes|chronic pain|chronic pain with long-term opiate medication use|chronic pain of the joints|chronic pain of the back|chronic pain of the neck|chronic renal allograft nephropathy|clostridium difficile infection|cocaine use|colonic polyps|colonic polyps status post removal in ***|cystocele (lateral)|cystocele (midline)|cyclic vomiting syndrome|cystic fibrosis|___D___|delirium|depression|diabetes type I|diabetes type II|diabetic nephropathy secondary to type I diabetes|diabetic nephropathy secondary to type II diabetes|diarrhea|drug seeking behavior|deep venous thrombosis (DVT)|deep venous thrombosis (DVT) of right leg|deep venous thrombosis (DVT) of left leg|diverticulitis|diverticulosis|___E___|eclampsia|emphysema|end stage renal disease (ESRD)|end stage renal disease (ESRD), secondary to hypertension|end stage renal disease (ESRD), secondary to type II diabetes|end stage renal disease (ESRD), secondary to type I diabetes|episode of syncope|episodes of syncope|episodic syncope|esophageal varices|essential hypertension|ethanol abuse|___F___|fall|___G___|gastritis|gastroesopheal reflux disease (GERD)|generalized abdominal pain|gilbert disease|gout|___H___|heart failure with preserved ejection fractiom (HFpEF)|heart murmur|on hemodialysis|heroine use|herpes simplex virus(HSV)|history of atrial fibrillation|history of DVT in right leg|history of DVT in left leg|history of PE|history of renal transplant|hypercholesterolemia|hyperglycemic episodes|hypoglicemia|hyperkalemia|hyperlipidemia (HLD)|hypernatremia|hyperparathyroidism|hyperparathroidism secondary to renal failure|hyperphosphotemia|hypertension (HTN)|hypertension (HTN) uncontrolled|hypoglycemic episodes|hypokalemia|hyponatremia|hypophosphatemia|___I___|incomplete bladder emptying|intracranial aneurysm|intractable back pain|___J___|___K___|kidney disease|___L___|lactic acidosis|liver disease|lung nodule seen on imaging study|___M___|major depressive disorder (MDD)|major depressive disorder (MDD) with mixed features|major depressive disorder (MDD) with psychotic features|malingering|metabolic acidosis|misscarriage in ***|___N___|nodular duodenitis|nodular duodenitis and scalloped appearing thicken small bowel|___O___|obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)|osteoarthritis|___P___|pancreatic cancer|pancreatitis|pancytopenia|panic attacks|parethesias|paroxysmal atrial fibrillation|pericardial effusion|pericardial effusions|peripheral artery disease (PAD)|personality disorder|placental insufficiency|poly-substance abuse|pre-eclampsia|pre-mature atrial contraction|primary prostatic cancer|primary prostatic cancer with metastasis|protienuria|pulmonary embolism|pulmonary hypertension|___Q___|___R___|rectocele|recurrent urinary tract infection (UTI)|retroperitoneal lymphadenopathy|___S___|scoliosis|secondary hyperparathyroidism of renal origin|shortness of breath (SOB)|sickel cell anemia|sickle cell disease|sickle cell disease with frequent admissions for pain control|sleep apnea|spontaneous bacterial peritonitis|stage 4 chronic kidney disease|stroke|stroke with residual right hemiparesis|stroke with residual left hemiparesis|stroke with residua aphasia|stoke with residual cognitive deficits|subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH)|subdural hematoma|syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone (SIADH)|systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)|___T___|thrombocytopenia|thyroid atrophy|tobacco use|type I diabetes|type II diabetes with complication|type II diabetes without complications|___U___|urinary retention|urinary retention secondary to benign prosthetic hypertrophy (BPH)|urinary tract infection (UTI)|urinary tract infection (UTI) history|ulnar nerve compression|___V___|venous thromboembolism (VTE)|___W___|wegner's granulomatosis|___X___|xeroderma|Xerostomia|___Y___|___Z___"]

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