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[textarea name="variable_89687376843" default=""]



Vital signs:[comment memo="Use SCM ~ phrase"]
[checkbox value="Reviewed"]

[comment memo="Use if physical exam is normal"][checkbox name="Problem4999" value="Normal Physical Exam:"] [conditional field="Problem4999" condition="(Problem4999).is('Normal Physical Exam:')"] 
GENERAL: adult patient, laying in bed, in no acute distress
HEENT: normocephalic, atraumatic, PERRL, EOMI
CV: RRR, +s1/s2
RESP: +breath sounds b/l
ABD: soft, non-tender, non-distended, +bowel sounds
EXTREMITIES: no peripheral edema
NEURO: no focal deficits discernible on observation
PSYCH: normal mood and affect
[comment memo="Select all that apply or free text"][checkbox value="Physical Examination:"]
[checkbox name="Problem500" value="GENERAL:"] [conditional field="Problem500" condition="(Problem500).is('GENERAL:')"] [checkbox value="pediatric|adult|elderly|male|female|laying in bed|sitting up in bed|sitting up in chair|sitting up in chair at bedside|walking around in room|well-groomed|disheveled|cachectic|thin-appearing|normal weight|overweight|obese|morbidly obese|well-appearing|acutely-ill appearing|chronically-ill appearing|appears comfortable|appears uncomfortable|appears in pain|in no acute distress|in mild distress|in moderate distress|in severe distress|toxic in appearance"] [textarea name="gen" default=""][/conditional]
[checkbox name="Problem502" value="HEENT:"] [conditional field="Problem502" condition="(Problem502).is('HEENT:')"] [checkbox value="normocephalic|atraumatic|PERRL|PERRLA|EOMI|anicteric sclera|scleral icterus|mmm|neck supple|no cervical LAD|+cervical LAD|thyroid non-enlarged/non-tender|trachea midline|no JVD|+JVD"] [textarea name="heent" default=""][/conditional]
[checkbox name="Problem503" value="HEART:"] [conditional field="Problem503" condition="(Problem503).is('HEART:')"] [checkbox value="regular rate/rhythm|irregularly irregular rhythm|bradycardic|tachycardic|+s1|+s2|+s3|+s4|no murmurs|no clicks|no rubs|no gallops|no peripheral edema b/l|+1 peripheral edema b/l|+2 peripheral edema b/l"] [textarea name="heart" default=""][/conditional]
[checkbox name="Problem504" value="LUNGS:"] [conditional field="Problem504" condition="(Problem504).is('LUNGS:')"] [checkbox value="+breath sounds b/l|clear to auscultation b/l|no wheezing|+wheezing|no rales|+rales|no rhonchi|+rhonchi|decreased breath sounds b/l|decreased breath sounds on the right|decreased breath sounds on the left|diminished breath sounds at lung bases|normal respiratory rate|tachypnea|bradypnea|intubated and mechanically ventilated|tracheostomy in place|on room air| on supplemental O2 via nasal canula| on supplemental O2 via NRB|on supplemental O2 via Venturi mask|on HFNC|on CPAP|on BiPAP|does not appear to be in respiratory distress|appears to be in respiratory distress"] [textarea name="lungs" default=""][/conditional]
[checkbox name="Problem505" value="ABDOMEN:"] [conditional field="Problem505" condition="(Problem505).is('ABDOMEN:')"] [checkbox value="soft|rigid abdomen|guarding|non-tender|epigastric tenderness|periumbilical tenderness|RUQ tenderness|RLQ tenderness|LUQ tenderness|LLQ tenderness|diffuse abdominal tenderness|rebound tenderness|suprapubic tenderness|right CVA tenderness|left CVA tenderness|b/l CVA tenderness|non-distended|mildly distended|moderately distended|severely distended|+bowel sounds|normal bowel sounds|absent bowel sounds|hypoactive bowel sounds|hyperactive bowel sounds|hepatomegaly|splenomegaly"] [textarea name="abd" default=""][/conditional]
[checkbox name="Problem506" value="RECTAL:"] [conditional field="Problem506" condition="(Problem506).is('RECTAL:')"] [checkbox value="no stool|brown stool|melenic stool|bright red blood|hypotonic sphincter|normal sphincter tone|hypertonic sphincter|no palpable internal hemorrhoids|palpable internal hemorrhoids|no external hemorrhoids|+external hemorrhoids|no palpable rectal masses|palpable rectal mass"] [textarea name="rect" default=""][/conditional]
[checkbox name="Problem501" value="NEURO:"] [conditional field="Problem501" condition="(Problem501).is('NEURO:')"] [checkbox value="patient is sedated|awake/alert/oriented x3|awake/alert/oriented x2|awake/alert/oriented x1|awake/alert/oriented x0|normal examination of CN 2-12|no focal deficits discernible on observation|sensation to pain, touch, proprioception normal|DTRs normal in upper/lower extremities b/l|no pathologic reflexes identified|observable right-sided deficits|observable left-sided deficits|observable b/l deficits|appears confused|obtunded|somnolent/lethargic|slurred speech|incoherent speech|mild asterixis/tremir|obvious asterixis"]. [textarea name="neuro" default=""][/conditional]
[checkbox name="Problem507" value="MSK/Extremities:"] [conditional field="Problem507" condition="(Problem507).is('MSK/Extremities:')"] [checkbox value="no edema to b/l LEs|+1 edema to b/l LEs|+2 edema to b/l LEs|no clubbing|+clubbing|no cyanosis|+cyanosis|peripheral pulses intact|weak peripheral pulses|no peripheral pulses"]. [textarea name="mskext" default=""][/conditional]
[checkbox name="Problem508" value="SKIN:"] [conditional field="Problem508" condition="(Problem508).is('SKIN:')"] [checkbox value="warm|cool|cold|dry|diaphoretic|intact|color appropriate for ethnicity|jaundiced|generalized pallor"] [textarea name="skin" default=""][/conditional]
[checkbox name="Problem409" value="PSYCH:"] [conditional field="Problem409" condition="(Problem409).is('PSYCH:')"] [checkbox value="normal mood|normal affect|flat affect|anxious appearing|tearful|agitated|verbally combative|physically combative"]. [textarea name="psych" default=""][/conditional]

Labs:[comment memo="Use SCM ~ phrase"]
[checkbox value="Reviewed"]

Radiology:[comment memo="Select all that apply or free text"]
[checkbox value="No abdominal imaging|CXR|Abd XR:|RUQ U/S:|CT abd/pelvis w/ IV contrast:|CT abd/pelvis w/ PO/IV contrast:|CT abd/pelvis noncontrast:|CTA abdomen/pelvis w/ & w/o IV contrast:|MRCP/MRI abd w/ IV contrast:|MRI abd w/ IV contrast:|Reviewed"]
[textarea name="variable_14" default=""]

***ASSESSMENT/SUMMARY:***[comment memo="Fill in manually"]
[textarea name="variable_15" default=""]

***RECOMMENDATIONS:***[comment memo="Fill in manually"]
[textarea name="variable_16" default=""]
[checkbox value="-Rest of care per Primary Team
-GI will continue to follow|GI will sign off at this time; re-consult prn"]

The case [select name="variable_1000" value="was discussed|is to be discussed"] w/ the [select name="variable_1001" value="consult|on-call|clinic"] attending, Dr. [select name="variable_1002" value="Seth Lapin, DO|Aaron Tokayer, MD|Dmitriy Khodorskiy, MD|Elliot Fuhrer, MD|Ira Mayer, MD|James Park, MD|Linda Lee, MD|Manol Jovani, MD|Michael Kantrowitz, DO|Negar Niknam, MD|Yuriy Tsirlin, MD"].
[checkbox value="The case was discussed w/ the Northwell Transplant Hepatology Team."]

[select name="variable_1003" value="Tanuj Chokshi, DO|Samantha Ehrlich, MD|Sadat Iqbal, MD|Steve Obanor, MD|Kaveh Zivari, MD|Larisa Garkusha, MD"]
Gastroenterology & Hepatology Fellow
p[text name="variable_2625152" default="6315"]

[shorthand name="%screeningcf" value="The patient was booked for screening colonoscopy w/ Dr. Tsirlin. I discussed risks of anesthesia administration including but not limited to changes in hemodynamic and respiratory parameters. I discussed risks of colonoscopy including but not limited to bleeding and perforation. Bowel prepration was discussed w/ the patient in detail. Prescriptions for bowel preparation were sent to the patient's pharmacy. The patient was given informational sheets regarding bowel preparation. I discussed the necessity for a chaperone post-procedurally. The patient understood and is agreeable for the procedure."]

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Vital signs:Use SCM ~ phrase

Use if physical exam is normal

Select all that apply or free text

Labs:Use SCM ~ phrase

Radiology:Select all that apply or free text

***ASSESSMENT/SUMMARY:***Fill in manually

***RECOMMENDATIONS:***Fill in manually

The case w/ the attending, Dr. .

Gastroenterology & Hepatology Fellow

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