[shorthand name="%ros" value="Denies fever, chills, headache, nausea, diarrhea, melena, chest pain, palpitations, shortness of breath.  Otherwise as per HPI.  "][shorthand name="%exam" value="General:  Alert and oriented, cooperative, and in no distress.  HEENT:  Oropharynx clear, TM clear bilaterally, EOMI, PERRL.  Neck:  Supple, no lymphadenopathy.  CV:  RRR, no murmurs.  Chest:  Clear to auscultation bilaterally.  Abdomen:  Normal bowel sounds, nontender, nondistended, no guarding or rebound.  Ext:  No edema.  Strength 5/5 at upper and lower extremities bilaterally."][shorthand name="%edu" value="Plan of care discussed with patient who verbalized understanding."][shorthand name="%mseall" value="Mental Status Examination. General: alert and oriented in all spheres. Appearance: well kempt. In no acute distress. Calm. Warm with comments and behavior. Eye contact good. Stated mood normal. Emotional range normal. Intensity normal. Mood is congruent with affect. Thought form and content normal. No difficulty with attention or concentration. Normal insight. Normal perception. Normal cognition. Normal ability to abstract. Judgement normal. No current or past suicidal or assault ideation or intent."][comment memo_color="orange" memo="This is the first Shorthand library. When you enter the letters of a Shorthand code, they are expanded after you click ‘Calculate Result’.  It currently includes ‘%ros’ (review of systems), ‘%exam’ (exam), ‘%edu’ (education), and ‘%mseall’ (a condensed normal mental status exam). To use this, you can either copy it to your own SOAPnote or you can use the ‘frontload’ feature.  To frontload this to your own templates, put [frontload soapnote="shorthand/shorthand-base/"] at the very beginning of your note."]

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at the very beginning of your note."]

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