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[checkbox name="Intervention90" value="Mental status was within normal limits in all domains, including appearance' activity level, speech, affect, mood, eye contact, behavior, orientation, memory, insight, and thought processes."]
[checkbox name="Intervention2" value="Therapist conducted well-being check. (see MSE)"]
To address client's symptoms and achieve therapeutic goals, the focus/themes of session for today include:[checkbox name="SessionFocus" value=" Symptoms/Management| ADHD| Gender/Sexuality| Attachment Issues|  Behavioral Health Issues| Trauma|  Relationships| Interpersonal Adjustment|    Grief/Loss| Stressors| Peer Conflict|  Managing Intense Emotions| Communication Challenges| Problem-Solving| Perspective Taking"]
Client reported symptoms [select name="Presentation" value="are consistent with last visit.|have improved since last visit. |are worse than last visit."]
[checkbox name="Intervention3" value="Parent/Caregiver was present at check-in and shared ___ ."]
[checkbox name="Intervention4" value="Therapist played a game with client to establish therapeutic relationship and to help increase client's comfort with discussing presenting problem."]
[checkbox name="Intervention5" value="Therapist provided reflective listening as client shared---"]
[checkbox name="Intervention6" value="Therapist engaged client in child-directed play to "][checkbox name="Intervention7" value="foster/support therapeutic relationship|process feelings related to ___.| model and practice positive social skills|focus on improving interpersonal skills, including listening, sharing, and taking turns."]
[checkbox name="Intervention10" value="Therapist facilitated cognitive- behavioral play therapy to "]
[checkbox name="Intervention11" value="help client identify automatic negative thoughts: "]
[checkbox name="Intervention12" value="support client to reframe automatic negative thoughts "]
[checkbox name="Intervention13" value="provide psychoeducation about ____ through"][checkbox name="Intervention14" value=" modeling| verbal explanation| a worksheet |a diagram |a book"]
[checkbox name="Intervention15" value="The therapist and client played a game to increase their understanding of social conventions/practice impulse control/ foster executive function skills."]
[checkbox name="Intervention33" value="Therapist modeled boundary setting by "]
[checkbox name="Intervention16" value="Therapist prompted client to use coping strategies to reduce response to triggers during the session. "]
[checkbox name="Intervention66" value="Therapist introduced mindfulness exercises to"][checkbox name="Intervention87" value= "increase client's present-moment awareness and manage anxious thoughts.|increase regulate intense emotions | regulate    the client's atonomic nervous  system"]
[checkbox name="Intervention17" value="Therapist and client played a game to help the client"][checkbox name="Intervention97" value="increase awareness of activated somatic response. (Perfection)|to practice executive function skills and practice impulse control.(logic game) "]
[checkbox name="Intervention22" value="Therapist supported client in  addressing the problem using solutions-focused dialogue: "]
[checkbox name="Intervention43" value="Therapist supported client to establish boundaries. "]
[checkbox name="Intervention44" value="Therapist identified and reinforced strengths "]
[checkbox name="Intervention75" value="Therapist supported client with role-play social scenarios to enhance social understanding and communication."]
[checkbox name="Intervention60" value="Therapist encouraged client to incorporate movement to process emotions."]
[checkbox name="Intervention45" value="Therapist use visuals to assist with: transitions and organization/expectations for the session/identifying feelings. "]
[checkbox name="Intervention20" value="Therapist provided psychoeducation to help caregiver consider how stress influences parenting and child’s behavior."]
[checkbox name="Intervention21" value="Therapist conducted a check-in with caregiver via ___following the individual session. "]
[checkbox name="Intervention19" value="Therapist conducted a caregiver coaching session to review progress and revise treatment goals. "]
[checkbox name="Intervention51" value="Therapist conducted a caregiver session to provide parent education on ____, challenges, and effective strategies to address challenges. "]

[checkbox name="Response1" value="Client was engaged and cooperative "][checkbox name="Response2" value="during the first part of the session.|from midpoint to end of the session. |throughout the entire session."]
[checkbox name="Response" value="Client practiced -skill- to -achieve goal- "]
[checkbox name="Response25" value="Client had restricted/excessive motor movement initially/throughout the sesson/at the end of the session. "]
[checkbox name="Response5" value="Client engaged with therapist during psychoeduction by asking questions, offering examples, and responding to questions."]
[checkbox name="Response6" value="Client successfully reframed/struggled to reframe negative thoughts during session. "]
[checkbox name="Response7" value="Client was open to/resisted practicing mindfulness strategies in session. "]
[checkbox name="Response8" value="Client engaged according to Therapist's prompts and offered the following responses: "]
[checkbox name="Response9" value="Client expressed thoughts and feelings related to family dynamics. "]
[checkbox name="Response10" value="Client was somewhat receptive to "]
[checkbox name="Response11" value="Client was resistant to psychoeducation/prompts/Therapist's feedback as evidenced by client's rationalising/avoidance by changing the subject/becoming dysregulated/focusing on negative cognitions "]
[checkbox name="Response13" value="Client pushed/respected boundaries set by therapist by ___. "]

[checkbox name="Plan" value="Ongoing mental health treatment is necessary to mitigate symptoms and help client achieve desired goals for therapy. Next session scheduled for"]

To address client's symptoms and achieve therapeutic goals, the focus/themes of session for today include:
Client reported symptoms

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