CI Parent Coaching Session

Presenting Problem(s)/Session Goals:
[select name="Participants" value="Client and caregiver/parent|Caregiver"] presented for this 
[select name="sessiontype" value="family|parent coaching"] session to address the following presenting problem:
[checkbox name="PresentingProblem" value="ADHD| gender/sexuality adjustment| attachment issues|  anxiety symptoms| depression symptoms | obsesive-compulsive symptoms|processing trauma/adverse experiences| relationship stress| difficulty forming and maintaining positive relationships| grief/loss| stressors| peer conflict| family/sibling conflict| managing intense emotions| communication challenges|symptom management|low frustration tolerance |difficulty managing anger| adjustment disorder"]
[text name="other" memo="other" size="12"]
Session Goals: [checkbox name="CaregiverSessionGoals" value="increase nurturing and protective parenting skills |increase ability to manage client’s negative and problematic behaviors. |provide guidance and instruction in trauma care methods to support client|provide caregivers with safety plans and foster supervision skills to promote client safety|increase active listening (reflection and acknowledgement) communication skills with client|provide support and guidance in caring for client (parent coaching) |instruct and guide caregivers in providing safe physical affection to enhance development of client|increase caregiver's self-regulation during interactions with client |increase self-care and social support systems |provide caregivers with alternative (non-punitive) methods of discipline to use with client|eliminate use of physical punishment and threats to physically punish client"]
Interventions:[checkbox name="CaregiverIntervention" value="instruct, model and guide caregivers in safety and protection for client |assist caregiver in learning active listening and communication skills |assist caregiver in learning therapeutic limit setting and redirection skills |assist caregiver in learning methods to safely redirect aggressive behaviors with physical outlets|model and guide parents in the use of therapeutic limit setting  |assist caregiver in learning and practicing nurturing parenting skills |assist the caregiver in supporting client’s school experience and academic functioning| assist the caregiver in learning to co-regulation of affect and behavior|instruct and guide in learning trauma care methods to support client |guide and coach in child-parent interactions in therapeutic activities |provide psychoeducation about ___"]
Response to Intervention:[checkbox name="CaregiverResponse" value="caregiver resists/accepts therapist’s parent skill instruction and guidance |caregiver engages in therapeutic activities with client and therapist|caregiver utilizes power to control client’s behaviors in play activities |parent demonstrates increased ability/inability to set limits consistently in family session |caregiver demonstrates an understanding of use of basic methods of safety and protection for client|caregiver demonstrates ability to listen and communicate more effectively in session|caregiver is resistant to attempting limit setting methods introduced by therapist |caregiver demonstrates ability to use therapeutic limit setting and redirection with client in session |Caregiver employs limit-setting methods to safely redirect the aggressive behaviors of the client|caregiver accepts guidance of therapist in the use of therapeutic limit setting in session |caregiver demonstrates ability to provide nurturing and acceptance of client’s feelings in session  |parent demonstrates therapeutic play skills taught by therapist |parent has difficulty allowing child to lead the therapeutic play activities and imaginative play|caregiver exhibits ability to support and encourage client in school and academics|caregiver demonstrates the ability to mutually assist the client in self-regulation of affect and behavior  |caregiver accepts therapist’s guidance in learning trauma care methods to use with client|caregiver accepts therapist’s guidance and coaching in child-parent interactions with client"]
[checkbox name="CaregiverPlan" value="develop safety plan with caregiver to address self-harm issues |consult with caregiver about client’s progress in therapy |consult with parents to obtain feedback about client’s behaviors and symptoms in the home|provide parent skill instruction in managing client’s behaviors in the home |provide caregiver instruction and modeling of effective limit-setting methods  |provide parent guidance in responding to client’s moods and accompanying negative behaviors a|assist parent in responding to client’s tantrum and non-compliant behaviors |assist caregiver in recognizing client’s feelings and giving child verbal acknowledgement |assist caregiver in learning safe physical affection and age-appropriate nurturing|consult with parents to discuss need for psychiatric/psychological assessment/evaluation |consult with day care providers/teachers to obtain information about the client’s levels of functioning |discuss plan for termination of individual and family mental health services"]
Presenting Problem(s)/Session Goals:
presented for this
session to address the following presenting problem:

Session Goals:
Response to Intervention:

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