BHN Group-Individual Note

[comment memo="Today's themes"]
In today's group we focused on 
[textarea name="todayTheme" default=""]. 
[comment memo="Today's interventions"]
[textarea name="groupInt" default="interventions"]  

During check-in [text name="cxName" default="cxName"] [select name="cxUse" value="reported that she used substances between sessions|reported that she did not use substances between sessions"]
[comment memo="good coping"]
Her 'good coping' strategies were: 
[textarea name="gdCope" default=""]
She [select name="cxCommit" value="completed her commitment to|did not complete her commitment|did not have a commitment|did not remember her commitment"]
[comment memo="Client's commitment"]
[textarea name="cxCommitTxt" default=""]
She shared the following resources: [textarea name="commuRes" default=""]
[var name="cxName"] presented as [checkbox name="cxPresentation" value="calm|attentive|relaxed|coherent| appropriate in affect|not appropriate in affect|having hallucinations|having delusions|having suicidal ideation|homicidal ideation|angry|irritable|impatient|blunted|unhappy|depressed|anxious"]
She displayed [checkbox name="instJudge" value="poor insight|fair insight|good insight|poor judgement|fair judgement|good judgement"]
[var name="cxName"] 
[checkbox name="cxBehaviors" value="was engaged in IOP|was not engaged in IOP|initiated positive interactions|shared emotions|was helpful to others|was focused on group tasks|disclosed information about herself|seemed to understand group topics|participated in group exercises|showed listening skills|showed empathy|offered opinions|offered suggestions|offered feedback|demonstrated insight|seemed to benefit from the session|stated her treatment considerations were addressed|excused from IOP|not excused from IOP| other"]
[comment memo="other behaviors"]
[textarea name="otherBehav" default=""]
During check-out [var name="cxName"] stated that she got [textarea name="todayGroup" default="" size="50"] out of today's group.
Her commitment for next session is to [textarea name="nextCommit" default=""] 
and to follow up on [textarea name="nextRes" default=""] [checkbox name="variable_1" value="resource|resources"]
[comment memo="PLAN"]
[checkbox name="Recommendations" value="continue attending IOP|discharge from IOP|referral to higher level of care|graduation from IOP|stepdown to OP|other"]
[textarea name="otherRecs" default=""]
Today's themes
In today's group we focused on
Today's interventions

During check-in
good coping
Her 'good coping' strategies were:

Client's commitment

She shared the following resources:
cxName presented as
She displayed

other behaviors

During check-out cxName stated that she got out of today's group.
Her commitment for next session is to
and to follow up on

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