Subjective/History Elements
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[textarea cols=80 rows=5 default="Patient has had *** days of ***rash/hives/skin lesions***.
The findings have been ***generalized/localized to the ---***.
It ***has/has not*** been worsening and is described as ***red/flat/bumpy/scaly/bruise-like/blisters/raised/crusted/flaking/draining/painful/pruritic***.
Patient ***has had exposures/has not had specific exposures/environmental irritants/chemical irritants/medications/insects/spiders/excessive sunlight/others with similar symptoms***.
There ***has not been/has been*** a fever.
There ***have not been other systemic symptoms/typical URI symptoms/myalgias/arthralgias/joint swelling/sore throat/malaise/diarrhea/nausea and vomiting/headache/chills/urinary symptoms/dyspnea***.
Patient has ***tried diphenhydramine/tried cortisone cream/tried soaks/not tried any treatment on their own*** with ***some relief/no relief***.
Patient ***has not had a/has had a*** similar rash in the past.
Patient ***is not/is*** diabetic."]

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