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[radio name="Visit" value="OB|Consult|A/P|PP    6wk|PP    2wk|PO    2wk|PO    6wk"]
[conditional field="Visit" condition="(Visit).is('A/P')"]    Yes [/conditional]
[conditional field="Visit" condition="(Visit).is('OB')"]    Are    they: [radio name="OB" value="<36    weeks|>36    weeks|1st    Visit"]  [/conditional]
[conditional field="OB" condition="(OB).is('<36    weeks')"]  No  [/conditional]
[conditional field="OB" condition="(OB).is('>36    weeks')||('1st    Visit')"]  Yes [/conditional]

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Sandbox Metrics: Structured Data Index 1, 6 form elements, 1 boilerplate words, 2 radio buttons, 4 conditionals, 2 total clicks
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