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[comment memo="EMDR" memo_size="large" memo_color="purple"][checkbox name="emdr" value=""][conditional field="emdr" condition="(emdr).is('')"]
[comment memo="Phase 1 (History And Treatment Planning)" memo_color="purple"][checkbox name="p1" value=""][conditional field="p1" condition="(p1).is('')"][comment memo="Build rapport, get history, discuss goals, screen for dissociation" memo_color="plum"]
Counselor provided family/youth with psychoeducation on [textarea name="emdr1" rows="1" default="trauma response, anxiety, affect phobia, disassociation, impact of trauma on the brain, and EMDR"]. Counselor and [var name="yf"] identified goals for treatment.[checkbox name="emdr1.1" value="Counselor discussed Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) as treatment option with family/youth. Counselor provided family with psychoeducation on EMDR. Family agreed to proceeding with EMDR therapy."]
[checkbox name="emdr1.2" value="Counselor assessed for dissociative experiences|Youth identified the first occurrence, worst occurrence, and most recent occurrence of presenting problem|Counselor and Youth/Family created a timeline to assess for potential target memory/feeling."][/conditional]
[comment memo="Phase 2 (Preparation)" memo_color="purple"][checkbox name="p2" value=""][conditional field="p2" condition="(p2).is('')"][comment memo="How EMDR works, what to expect, relaxation, Safe place, container" memo_color="plum"][checkbox name="emdr2.1" value="Counselor discussed and demonstrated all available options of bilateral stimulation|Counselor educated Youth on Safe Place Protocol and the importance of exploring resources with the family and/or youth|Youth described/created a safe place using the protocol|Youth practiced Safe/Comfortable Place on mildly disturbing event|Counselor discussed and demonstrated stabilization interventions|Youth practiced stabilization interventions"]. Youth identified [text name="emdr2.2" default=""] as a resource.[/conditional] 

[comment memo="Phase 3 (Assessment)" memo_color="purple"][checkbox name="p3" value=""][conditional field="p3" condition="(p3).is('')"][comment memo="Find target, get info to grab VOC and SUDs" memo_color="plum"][checkbox name="emdr3" value="Counselor assessed for target|positive and negative cognitions were discussed"].Youth identified triggers/stressors that elicit [textarea name="emdr3_1" rows="1" fillable="true" default="feelings of ***sadness*** in ***body***"].[textarea name="emdr3_2" rows="1" fillable="true" default="Youth rated SUDs at ****** and VOC at ******"] [/conditional]

[comment memo="General Session" memo_color="purple"][checkbox name="p4" value=""][conditional field="p4" condition="(p4).is('')"]
Counselor and youth are working in Phase [select name="phase" value=" |1 (History And Treatment Planning)|2 (Preparation)|3 (Assessment)|4 (Desensitization)|5 (Installation)|6 (Body Scan)|7 (Closure)|8 (Reevaluation)"]. Counselor utilized [checkbox name="emdr4" value="resourcing|safe place|cognitive interweaves|sand tray|Future Template|resource development and installation|positive cognitions and installation|Container exercise (Affect Regulation)|Spiral Technique|Recent Event Protocol|Float Back Exercise"] to facilitate processing as needed. Counselor utilized [select name="emdr5" value="eye movements|tapping|auditory|tappers (buzzies)"] as the primary form of bilateral stimulation during session. In assessing progress, [textarea name="emdr6" rows="3" fillable="true" default="Youth rated SUD went from ***#*** to ***#*** and VOC went from ***#*** to ***#***."] 
[checkbox name="emdr7" value="Counselor and youth were unable to complete session and utilized container to close out session"][/conditional]

Phase 1 (History And Treatment Planning)
Phase 2 (Preparation)

Phase 3 (Assessment)

General Session

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