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[text name="variable_1" default="sample text"][textarea name="variable_1" default="sample text"][date name="variable_1" default="02-26-2024"][radio name="variable_1" value="choice A|choice B|choice C"][checkbox name="variable_1" value="option A|option B|option C"][checklist name="variable_1" value="option A|option B|option C"][select name="variable_1" value="choice A|choice B|choice C"][comment memo="Text that will not show up in output"][remark]content[/remark][link url="https://www.soapnote.org" memo="SOAPnote Home"][mark memo="memo" name="mark"][var name="variable_name"][conditional field="variable_1" condition="condition to test"] any text to display if condition is true [/conditional][calc value="score1=(variable_1)+(variable_2)"][shorthand name="***" value="******"][frontload soapnote="sample/test"]

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Text that will not show up in outputSOAPnote Homememovariable_namescore1=(variable_1)+(variable_2) blabla

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