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GPRA progress presentation

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General Resources

Up To Date via Briar Cliff

Medline via Briar Cliff

IHS NIH Library

NEJM via IHS NIH Library

Merck Manual

Merck Manual – Geriatrics

FP Notebook

AFP by topic

The SOAPnote Project


Evidence Based Medicine

BMJ Clinical Evidence – free items

Cochrane Library

AHRQ Resources

The Number Needed to Treat

Cates Plots



Daily Med

Pregnancy and Lactation

Dietary Supplements Database


Mental Health Resources

SAMHSA Screening Tools

ADHD meds


Nutrition Resources

Carbohydrate Counting

Body Weight Planner


PHS Dietician weight loss modules


Pediatric Resources

Pediatric quick card



Breast Cancer Risk

Cancer Prediction Tools

Cancer Misconceptions


Diabetes Resources

IHS diabetes treatment algorithms

IHS diabetes recommendations


Hepatitis Resources

ANTHC hepatitis resources (Alaska)


Pain Resources

Buprenorphine – SAMHSA

Pain – Fibroguide
Training Resources

IHS webinar trainings

Yale diabetes CME (free)

The Stanford 25


DOT Exams

DOT registry

DOT exam, DOT exam form

DOT – color vision test


Interesting Reading

JABFM most read


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