Creating and Modifying SOAPnotes

The sections of this guide are:

Make Your Own

There is one place to go to make and edit forms, checklists, and calculators. It is at To get here, you choose “Create” at the Main Menu at the top of any page on the site. You can toggle between the functional Form and the Markup by clicking on “View” up and to the right of the page.

When you’re logged in, you can save the stuff you make and edit. You can just start typing or you can paste some text into the “Form Content” box. You can use the buttons at the right side to insert form elements quickly. Or you can load up other text with the “Open” menu (up and to the left on the page).

Opening SOAPnotes (for Editing)

This page can get text from lots of different places. You can then edit it and save it for yourself. Click on “Open” up and to the left on this page to see the available options.

You can choose from:
Text File – This will load up any plain text (*.txt) file.
Personal – Here you can see and open any of the files you’ve already saved on the site
Favorite – Here you can open your favorites. This is good if you like something but want to modify it for your own needs.
Featured – Here you can open and load up one of the curated pages from the site. You won’t be able to change them if they’re not yours, but you can always make a copy and work on them that way.
Public – This is everything on the site that’s been shared.

Saving SOAPnotes

This is the page where you do your creative work with SOAPnotes. Saving your work frequently is strongly recommended. You may also backup your SOAPnotes offline. The menu for saving SOAPnotes changes depending on whether you are viewing the working Form or editing the Markup. You can toggle between these by clicking on “View” in the upper right.

If you’re in the Form View OR the Markup View, you can save the text as your own SOAPnote by clicking on “Save” and then “Personal”. It’ll ask for a Title, Category, and Tags. If you click “Private” it will only be viewable by you. Otherwise, it will be publicly shared. You can make your public SOAPnote pages private or vice versa by opening and clicking or un-clicking the “Private” box and then saving it again.

If you’re on the Markup View, you can save the text file to your computer. Again, I recommend doing this often as you are editing so you don’t lose your work if something happens to your connection or there’s some other problem.