Resident is [select value="continent|incontinent|continent/incontinent"] of urine. Urine color is [select value="yellow/straw|amber|brown|colorless|red|blue|orange|pink|"], [checkbox value="clear|cloudy|hazy|sediment|blood clots|mucous|purulent|red flecks|stones|"], [checkbox value="fruity|malodorous|no odor|"]. Bladder scan volume [text size="3"] mL. Intermittent/Straight Cath [text size="3"] mL. Post Void Residual [text size="3"] mL.
Resident is of urine. Urine color is , , . Bladder scan volume mL. Intermittent/Straight Cath mL. Post Void Residual mL.

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Sandbox Metrics: Structured Data Index 0.57, 7 form elements, 19 boilerplate words, 3 text boxes, 2 checkboxes, 2 drop downs, 19 total clicks
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