Gynecology, Subjective/History Elements
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[textarea default="Desired Contraception
She requests contraception for pregnancy prevention, ***irregular menses, ***acne, ***cramping, ***other. Previously on *** medication. Her experience with that medication was ***bleeding, ***side-effects.
LMP was ***.
She is *** currently sexually active, and began sexual activity at age. Menses onset age ***. G*P*.
Contraindications review: no estrogen-dependent neoplasia or breast cancer; no history of DVT, pulmonary embolism, stroke, or coronary artery disease; no family history of clots or clotting disorders; non-smoker (over age 35); and no uncontrolled hypertension.
Special considerations review: no concerning headache pattern, no advanced diabetes mellitus, no complicated valvular heart disease, no current antibiotics or anti-seizure medications."]

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