Vaginitis History

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[select value="1 day|2 days|3 days|4 days|5 days|6 days|1 week|more than 1 week"] <-- Duration of symptoms
Symptoms include:
[select value="no|yes"] <-- perivaginal itching
[select value="no|yes"] <-- vaginal irritation
[select value="no|yes"] <-- dyspareunia
[select value="no|yes"] <-- white vaginal discharge
[select value="no|yes"] <-- cottage cheese like vaginal discharge
[select value="no|yes"] <-- yellow/green vaginal discharge
[select value="no|yes"] <-- frothy vaginal discharge
[select value="no|yes"] <-- malodorous vaginal discharge
[select value="no|yes"] <-- bloody vaginal discharge
[select value="no|yes"] <-- fever
[select value="no|yes"] <-- pelvic pain
[select value="no|yes"] <-- dysuria
[select value="no|yes"] <-- hematuria
[select value="no|yes"] <-- urinary frequency

[select value="no|yes"] <-- currently pregnant

Relevant history
[select value="no|yes"] <-- diabetes mellitus
[select value="no|yes"] <-- candida vaginitis
[select value="no|yes"] <-- bacterial vaginosis
[select value="no|yes"] <-- Trichomonas vaginitis
[select value="no|yes"] <-- atrophic vaginitis
[select value="no|yes"] <-- STD
[select value="no|yes"] <-- PID
[select value="no|yes"] <-- new sexual partner
[select value="no|yes"] <-- multiple sexual partners
<-- Duration of symptoms
Symptoms include:
<-- perivaginal itching
<-- vaginal irritation
<-- dyspareunia
<-- white vaginal discharge
<-- cottage cheese like vaginal discharge
<-- yellow/green vaginal discharge
<-- frothy vaginal discharge
<-- malodorous vaginal discharge
<-- bloody vaginal discharge
<-- fever
<-- pelvic pain
<-- dysuria
<-- hematuria
<-- urinary frequency

<-- currently pregnant

Relevant history
<-- diabetes mellitus
<-- candida vaginitis
<-- bacterial vaginosis
<-- Trichomonas vaginitis
<-- atrophic vaginitis
<-- STD
<-- PID
<-- new sexual partner
<-- multiple sexual partners

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